"It's an epic experience, bigger than a puppet show, there is more going on! It created a golden memory for the children. There was unadulterated happiness."

Staff feedback, Bradley Barton Primary

    Creation Myth Puppets are going from strength to strength, creating unique and powerful creative experiences for children and teachers alike. Our feedback repeatedly shows that our work goes far beyond fun, giving young people the chance to take control and create their own high-quality art and performance beyond the parameters of target-based curriculum. We assist in turning schools into strongly bonded communities that pupils, staff and parents are proud of.

    We are at a pivotal point, and we need your help to forge a path into the future, where Creation Myth Puppets can reach more people, build archives and resources for future generations, and fundraise effectively to finance training and meet the needs of the artists who tirelessly co-ordinate these huge events.

    'See Change' is a mission to explore different avenues for building the capacity of Creation Myth Puppets, and ultimately resolve the significant financial realities of doing so. Over the coming year we will work to create funding opportunites that are rewarding and engaging. We thrive on donations and word-of-mouth from of those who support us. So please, donate what you can and share our mission far and wide.

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